The GDWG Team are currently working from home in accordance with Government guidance around Covid-19. If you are in detention, or know anyone in detention, please call our office: 01293 657070 and although we are working from home all calls are diverted to us and our work continues.

We have increased our phone credit support from monthly to available every two weeks. But regret that due to the current situation we are unable to deliver clothes to the centre or to issue removal money.

Our April and May Walk With Us’ have been cancelled and we shall update on the June and July walks at the end of April. 

Visiting is no longer permitted at Brook House and Tinsley House, or any immigration detention centres in the country. See Government guidance here. Our visitors are now offering telephone support for those in detention. Do get in touch if you or someone you know would like our visitors support.

Brook and Tinsley House were recently in lockdown, but to date we do not know of any confirmed cases of Covid-19 in either centres. Please be assured we are making representations at the highest level for detention to be halted. We have joined calls for all those in detention to be released, see more here.

The situation is intolerable in detention as it is in any incarceration facility during a pandemic. The potential danger from suspected cases is terrifying for those who are detained as well as those who work in the centres.

Thanks to our community for writing to your MPs about this. We send our respect to all those on the frontline and to our own retired visitors called up to nurse again in local hospitals; our wishes to you, and our profound thanks. 

For those in detention today: our commitment to support you remains undimmed. And thank you to our community for all you continue to do even when you are coping with loss of connections in person in every aspect of your lives. Our wishes to you and your communities to remain well.