GDWG has signed up as a supporting organisation to #ScrapPart5 letter calling on the government not to implement cuts to slavery support under the Nationality and Borders Bill. This would have a big impact on many people we support.

A cluster of measures, restricting support for survivors of trafficking, are being put forward under Part 5 of the Nationality and Borders Bill. Under Part 5, the Home Office would be able to remove support from survivors of trafficking if details of abuse are shared ‘too late’.

Survivors of modern slavery already face a support lottery, with requests for safe housing, counselling and support rejected/partially rejected in 8 out of 10 cases. Under Part 5 the Government is seeking to make the system even harsher.

The measures would create ‘trauma deadlines’, punishing survivors for sharing abuse ‘too late’. It would also remove support for exploited people who have committed a crime (often as a result of their trafficking). Preventing many people we support from getting the help they need.

Please click here to write to your MP to ask them to call on the Government to #ScrapPart5.