Our Funds

Thank you to the organisations and people who have provided funding for our work

How we are funded


Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group are fortunate to have our work financially supported by our generous community. In 2019, 30% of our funding came from donations. We appreciate every donation we receive, which enables us to continue working to support those in detention at Brook and Tinsley House, as well as those living in the community post-detention. We especially appreciate our regular donors making monthly donations – however small – which improves our sustainability and allows us to focus on supporting our beneficiaries. 

During our 25th birthday year in 2020, our birthday ambassadors raised over £30,000 for our organisation. We are overwhelmed by the commitment our community continues to show in supporting this work. Thank you!

We are conscious of diversifying our funding, to ensure our work can continue for as long as immigration detention continues to deny people their liberty. We are currently developing how you can Become a Friend of GDWG. 

Where your funds go:

  • £12 enables us to assist a family to visit someone in detention. 
  • £20 enables us to give phone credit to two people in detention, to stay in contact with their families.
  • £25 enables us to give travel money to someone who is destitute and forced to leave the UK.
  • £60 enables us to give two supermarket vouchers to people who are destitute post-detention.
  • £70 enables four people to join a Walk with Us walk. 
  • £100 enables our caseworkers to support those in detention and recently released.

Find out more about how you can support our work here.

Those who receive supermarket vouchers say: 

 ‘This service abled to have freedom to buy what I like. It helped me to look after my family with dignity.’

 ‘I feel like I’m part of society and relieved of some weight on my shoulders. when I have a voucher, I do normal things and I don’t feel like an outcast.’ 

 ‘my belly is boiling because I did not eat anything and struggling with my horrible back pain that stops to walk. When I receive the voucher, my eyes open, and I start thinking properly.’

Easy Fundraising:

We have joined #easyfundraising. It’s a great site where you can raise money for our charity when you shop online. All you have to do is create a free account and choose to support Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group. Then 4,000 shops and sites (including names like eBay, John Lewis and Partners, ASOS, Expedia, M&S, Just Eat and many more) will donate to us every time you use #easyfundraising to shop with them. 

This is a great way to support us for FREE, to create an account just visit our easyfundraising page now. Please tell your friends and contacts if you’d like to help us in this way. Thanks so much for your support.  

Leaving a Legacy:

If you’ve seen our legacy leaflet, you may have considered whether to include the work of the GDWG in your will. We have benefitted greatly from legacies, and if you are considering helping us in this way, please know that it can make a big difference to us. One legacy has been used to reach out to people in detention who are isolated by language. It has funded the translation of some of our literature and led to the creation of a team of ‘first responder’ interpreter volunteers. This work will enable us to support people in detention who might otherwise remain out of reach both to us and the positive interventions we can make. The difference legacies make is huge. Thank you for considering us in your will.

Refugee Tales:

Refugee Tales is a brilliant source of awareness-raising and funding for us, with over 13,000 copies sold to date. 80% of profits from Refugee Tales volumes go towards GDWG costs, with the remaining 20% supporting Kent Refugee Help. 

Trusts and Foundations: 

We are grateful for the grants we receive that fund the majority of our projects. With thanks to:


The Bernadette Trust               

          The Hillcote Trust     The Longley Trust


Annual Accounts: For more information showing our financial statements, please see our Annual Accounts. They are published annually on the Charity Commission website.

How our funds are spent:

As GDWG continues to grow, our ability to support our beneficiaries grows. Since 2017 we have supported more people in detention and distributed more material assistance each year. 



2020: Although at the beginning of first the Covid-19 lockdown the numbers of people in detention decreased significantly, we increased our support of people living in the community, particularly to those who had been released to destitution. Many had no recourse to public funds and struggled as other support avenues closed. This recalibration of work saw the development of our emergency destitution fund, enabling us to send monthly supermarket vouchers and mobile phone top-ups. In the second half of the year, our work in Brook and Tinsley House has increased at a great pace, alongside continued post-detention support. Financial support of this work remains crucial.

All of our work is driven by beneficiary need. We respond to the changing external environment, and ensure that our funds are channelled where they are needed. During Covid-19 we have increased the regularity that those in detention receive mobile phone top-ups, as the increased isolation made the need for this connection ever greater.