Information for people held in detention

Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group is an open and transparent organisation and we work
respectfully with all people who are detained. This means it is important to explain how we
manage your information.

In order to understand how we can help you, our staff and volunteers often ask you about
your private situation. This can include asking about your health or if you have had any
involvement with the criminal justice system. We may ask about many aspects of your
personal circumstances and your history to support you and to see if there are other
organisations that could also assist you.

We will keep all your information completely private. We will not disclose your information
to anyone else unless you have agreed to this in advance or we think this is necessary for your

We keep a set of all information concerning you securely in our office systems. This is
because keeping a record of your information is needed to help you. We also keep your
information so that we can show that we have behaved properly as a charity.

We try to keep our information about you up to date and accurate so please contact us if you
think we have misunderstood or made a mistake when dealing with your information. We
will keep your information for 6 years since your last contact with our staff. After this date
your information will be erased.

If you would like a copy of the information we hold on you, then we will be happy to give
this to you and will not charge you. We can discuss how you would like to receive this
information, and can provide this within one month. To make a request for your information
you need to contact the office either by telephone (01293 657070) or email

If you have any concerns or complaints about the way we have used your information, you
can speak to any detention co-ordinator or write to us at We will take any
concerns very seriously. This means we will make sure we will carefully review what has
happened and send you a written response, together with an explanation of your rights.

GDWG does not agree with the use of long term detention because of a person’s immigration
status. This means as well as offering practical help to individuals in detention, we are an
organisation which calls for an end to indefinite immigration detention. In order to support
this work we gather information about the use of immigration detention. We may include
your information already held in the office in statistical and/or anonymised research. We are
careful to ensure that no such information is published in a way that could identify you. We
will not use any information that could identify you in any way without your express
permission in advance.