Voices from detention

We dream of a possible brighter future, even if this unknown future may be across oceans. We risk life and limb in order to better our lives, with the hope of one day returning to our loved ones. John from Democratic Republic of Congo

I am very grateful for your visit last week. That was an inspiration for me as it is not easy to be locked up. It feels different and weird which, I cannot describe it, but he who had ever experienced it knows how it does feel. Abdul from Bangladesh

Having met my visitor for the first time I felt a sense of belonging. It caused me to have a different outlook on myself and built my inward spiritual being. This was truly a welcoming stranger. I was overwhelmed with tears and joy when it was announced over the PA system, ‘You have a visitor’. John from Jamaica

You came into my life when I needed you more than words can express. Gabrielle from Rwanda

Injustices happen all over the world, and they do indeed take different shapes and forms. But they all have one thing in common, the innocent, helpless, defenceless fall victim. I think I need to talk to you guys. Amidou from Sierra Leone

I’m not very well in here, what can I do with poignant situation. It’s alright one day I will win my life! My family is not very near with me, I lost all my life. I have now only my heart. Sittampalam from Sri Lanka

At a time when I thought I was completely alone – you called and showed me that there were people in England who cared. Nasser from Algeria

Please you people show me hope because I have no hope in my life. If I go back to my country I have no hope and I have nobody. And I thank you for helping me. Precious from Nigeria